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Zinc Anodes Aluminum Anodes
355 Ampere hours 1225 Ampere hours
per lb. per lb.
This means a Zinc This means an
anode will give one Aluminum anode will
amp for 355 hours give one amp for 1225
for every pound hours for every pound
of zinc. of aluminum.
A typical Z3 weighs A typical AZ3 weighs
10.3 lbs. 5 lbs.
Total ampere hours Total ampere hours
3656. 6125.
Assuming anode Assuming anode
performs at .4 amp. performs at .4 amp.

This anode will last for This anode will last for
9140 hours. 15312 hours.

Which is 381 days. Which is 638 days.
Which is 12.5 months. Which is 19 months.

High current capacity under a variety of

Current capacity maintenance with time.

Desireable operating potential.

Constant potential with time.

MerCruiser recommends the use of aluminum
anodes on all their sterndrives after 2001.

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