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All aluminum anodes die cast designs are by
JML Products, Inc. U.S.A. JML Products, Inc.
uses only the best materials to make our anodes
supplied by POLCOR (Environmental Protection
Engineering S.A.)

POLCOR uses AI-Zn-In alloys
proven to be the best after epe
optimisation of the composition
has been tested in University POLCOR
laboratories. The addition of
Indium is a benefactor of aluminum acting
as a depassivating agent making POLCOR
materials the most reliable casting Aluminum
on the market.

MIL-A-24779 (SH)
Copper 0.004% max
Iron 0.09% max
Indium 0.014 - 0.02% max
Mercury 0.001% max
Silicon 0.08 - 0.20%
Zinc 4.0% - 6.5%
Aluminum Balance (high grade)
2760 Ampere hours per Kg.

Aluminum anodes are environmentally

Aluminum anodes are more active and provide
better protection than zinc anodes.

Different types of anodes such as zinc and
aluminum should never be mixed.

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